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Sales Career


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A career that only gets better

Taking the first step with Precoa is a moment you’ll remember forever. You’ll receive sales support you can count on and managers who are dedicated to helping you grow.

“With Precoa, what I do doesn’t feel like selling. I’m helping families, and that makes me look forward to coming to work each day. Plus, it’s enriched all of my relationships. I’m a better man and a better husband.”

Kyle Newmark, California

“Precoa equips you with all of the training, manpower, and opportunities you need to be more successful!”

   Mandy Rodriguez, Michigan

"No company takes better care of us than Precoa! They really know how to make us feel/be a part of the family!"

Rob Baas, Michigan

Why meaningful work matters

Everyone craves meaning. And when it comes to work, what we do should matter. A clearly defined purpose in the workplace motivates us to accomplish more, to grow, and to thrive. As a sales expert, you already know that your job becomes infinitely easier and more satisfying if you believe in what you’re selling. 

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How Precoa makes a difference

Instead of letting the trauma of loss close people off, Precoa believes that we can help each other achieve profound healing. Working side-by-side with leading funeral homes, Precoa shares the value of a pre-arranged funeral with families across the nation. Every family deserves an opportunity to understand why ceremony, ritual, and gathering still matter. We are all connected—through life, through love, and even through loss.

What you can expect at this event

Friendly faces and everything you need to know about this position. When we meet, you’ll be presented with an overview of Precoa’s unique business model, an outline of the support you will receive, discussions about prearranging funeral service using a pre-need insurance policy, and the unlimited earning potential of the compensation structure. 

Qualified candidates will have: 

  • Strong sales and relationship development skills
  • A talent for generating leads and closing pre-set appointments
  • Excellent communication skills and networking ability
  • A current life insurance license or the ability to obtain one